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No matter your cloud environment, in addition to tracking what you have spent, it is important to project what you will be spending. Like BMC Helix, Cisco CloudCenter is modular cloud management software. Its three core pieces are the workload manager, the action orchestrator, and the cost optimizer. It offers centralized management and automation capabilities ideal for DevOps organizations, and it integrates with many popular continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) tools. Choose a tool that combines cost management with other essential features like provisioning, lifecycle management, monitoring and security.

Enterprises need visibility and control to avoid surprises in their cloud spend. Adoption of cloud management solutions in AWS Marketplace enables cloud bill monitoring and optimization in one convenient location. Observe – You can fix or change only the things of which you are aware. It is important to gain visibility on cloud consumption by monitoring, which will provide visibility on the budget and its forecast. Most leading cloud providers have cost management services that provide visibility and analysis of overall spend, which is helpful when it comes to making informed decisions. In our view, cloud cost management is not just about reducing costs — it’s about connecting costs to business goals. An increase in cost is not necessarily a problem if it’s connected to a corresponding increase in revenue.

What Is Cloud Cost Management?

It is possible to cobble together multiple cloud management tools that each do one thing well, but this approach is generally less efficient than getting an all-in-one platform. If you can minimize the number of cloud tools you use, you'll probably help your IT operations staff become more productive. Look for a tool that supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments from a single pane of glass. Today, more than four out of five organizations use multiple cloud services. Make sure that any cloud management software supports the clouds you currently use and any you expect to use in the near future, as well as your on-premises infrastructure. For many large enterprises, cost optimization has become the number one priority when in comes to cloud management. In the most recent Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 84 percent of large organizations selected "managing cloud spend" as a key challenge.

In fact, security is a much bigger strength of this platform than most of the others, and it even has some specialized editions designed to meet the security needs of government agencies. Given that reality, Datamation put together a list of the top ten leading cloud management software platforms that have outstanding Cloud Cost Management cost optimization capabilities. Please note that the list below is organized in alphabetical order; it is not a ranking. AWS offers a broad set of services that will help you optimize your spend depending on your workload and usage patterns. Watch this tech talk to learn nine practical steps to reduce your AWS costs.

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One of the most important goals in Cloud Cost Management is ensuring that costs map to productive and profitable activity. Switching to this proactive approach requires the availability of meaningful data — or what we refer to as cloud cost intelligence. This means a self-service approach to cloud management that allows for modular infrastructure with agility while keeping costs down.

AWS helps organizations balance freedom and control by enabling the governance of granular user permission. You need complete, near real-time visibility of your cost and usage information Cloud Cost Management to make informed decisions. Rather than centrally policing the cost, you can provide real-time cost data that makes sense to your engineering, application, and business teams.

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And the number one cloud initiative, cited by 64 percent of respondents, was optimizing their existing use of the cloud for cloud savings. However, the different cloud management software options aren't equally good at each of these tasks.

Some are very good at provisioning, while others are better at security or monitoring. Migrating to the cloud enhances your business’s ability to scale and flex to the demands of your company’s workloads. Historically, computing costs were tied to a quarterly or yearly hardware procurement investment. With cloud technology, you have the flexibility to initialize resources and services at any time since it uses ‘pay only for what you use’ pricing model. This has shifted the way that costs are understood, managed, and optimized.

Financial And Performance Budgets

Based on event thresholds, remove unused and underutilized resources and avoid unnecessary waste by sizing instances so they deliver a good balance between performance and cost. Avoid cost overrun by using policies to terminate servers created to temporarily handle the massive workloads. For complete visibility into the cloud services used, the actual usage patterns and trends are the first step.

Cost-effectiveness is driven by automation and standardized application deployments. The aim is to satisfy not just DevOps and security but also finance departments. They don’t even know why they are paying so much when they did nothing else than the regular work.


Looking at how vulnerable the public cloud is, it becomes imperative to have better visibility to ensure that the data is safe and within reach. If the organization fails to create a strong IT team that lacks clarity, its efficient cloud cost management will always be a dream. When it comes to cloud, if an IT professional is reluctant to understand its dynamics, he will never be able to procure, deploy, and manage it efficiently. It is about time that companies ensure that IT professionals understand the importance of cloud cost management. The timely deployment of proper and well-planned resources will reduce a lot of unnecessary clutter which surrounds cloud computing. We are yet to understand how the clouds operate entirely, and without a DevOps culture, the situation is only going to worsen. Most of the organizations have developed their cloud adoption keeping DevOps in the center and has benefited with better cloud cost management and improved visibility.

Generate insights from your historic cloud usage to identify under-utilized and idle resources. Act on right-sizing and reserved instance recommendations to optimize and generate cloud savings. With AWS, customers can take control of your cost and continuously optimize your spend. There are a variety of AWS pricing models and resources you can choose from to meet requirements for both performance and cost efficiency, and adjust as needed. AWS offers resources optimization recommendations to simplify the evaluation process so you can efficiently select the cost-optimized resources. Customer can choose to consolidate your bills and take advantage of higher volume discounts based on aggregated usage across your bills. Leaders also need to set appropriate guardrails in place so you can maintain control over cost, governance, and security.

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The detailed, allocable cost data allows teams to have the visibility and details to be accountable of their own spend. Now’s the time to make sure that you have control over your business cloud cost accounting as well as cloud cost management. But if you let it sit for too long you could be facing insurmountable technical debt. Moreover, cloud computing has been a growing phenomenon, and now 85 percent of businesses are using cloud technology, up from 82 percent in 2016.

They choose incorrect instance size that may be too small or too big for the operations it is about to carry. Permit users to actively manage the infrastructure after setting an enterprise-wide mechanism that clearly defines permissions and accessibility within the platform. Limit the data and actions visible to users by organizations and roles and identify who launched, terminated, or changed infrastructure, and what they did to take corrective action and control costs. Like Cloudability, CloudChekr focuses on cloud cost optimization, but it also adds some critical security and governance capabilities.

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